Trescal is the global leader in calibration services, providing clients with a single source for accredited and non-accredited measurement services.


Trescal offers verification, calibration, and measurement services in ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories and at your facility. Our accreditations guarantee our calibration results are traceable to the International Systems of units (SI).

We have a network of 7 laboratories and 21 embedded units on customer sites, which maintain comprehensive technical offerings in electrical, mechanical, and physical measurements.

Our expertise in calibration and verification is based on Trescal Group’s 21 years of experience. This combined with an ambitious investment plan, training policy and a dedicated industrial organisation, enables Trescal UK to provide efficient solutions adapted to your measurement processes and exact requirements.

Trescal’s calibration solution includes:

  • Accredited or non-accredited calibration services
  • 15+ accredited areas of expertise
  • Full measured variables (physical, electrical, and mechanical)
Where can I get devices calibrated?

To adapt to any challenges you may have, we offer various ways for you to get your equipment calibrated.

Calibration in Trescal laboratories

This is the solution that we usually recommend. In fact, sending your equipment to our laboratories allows for a fast turnaround time. We can respond to your request quickly since it is where our equipment and engineers are based. We rely on our fleet to transport your equipment with the upmost care and greatest efficiency.

On-site calibration

If your equipment cannot be moved from your production lines, we can send a team of dedicated engineers who can calibrate your test equipment at your facility at a time to suit your instrumentation needs. This is ideal for customers who require test equipment to be calibrated in-situ or require calibration during a short period of production shut down.

Mobile workshop

If you do not have the space for our engineers to service your tooling, our mobile workshop vehicles are equipped with all of the necessary equipment needed to service your tooling.  This option is perfect for customers that do not have the space for our engineer to service the tools. One of the benefits of our mobile workshop is same-day turnaround time.

Embedded calibration facilities

We know quick response time is critical to many of our customers.  As a solutions to this, we can build a laboratory in your facility. Through our Embedded Service, calibration operations are performed by a permanent Trescal team on your site, optimising turnaround time and minimising downtime of equipment.


Trescal’s accredited domains

Accreditations demonstrate a perimeter of competences, independence and impartiality in all calibration domains. They are issued by an accreditation body member of international organisations.

Our laboratories comply with ISO/IEC17025 standards guaranteeing the traceability of calibrations and tests.

We are accredited in 15 domains.

Discover our accredited domains