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What is metrology?

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Metrology is the science of measurement

Skills, accreditations, capabilities and certifications…
What does all this mean and what is the difference?

All these terms are closely linked and enable anybody who needs metrology services to understand and choose the right provider within the market.

The word “skill” when used by a metrological service provider usually denotes the various metrological fields in which they are experts and which makes them competent to provide services to their clients.

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A skill can be “accredited” or “not accredited”: in fact, all manufacturers have to get their measuring devices calibrated (or checked). The standard of requirements for this servicing may differ based on the standards of that line of business. National and international accreditation bodies are responsible for recognising the skills of calibration service providers. These accreditation bodies issue the service provider with accreditation for a given area of skills over a given measurement range.

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A laboratory’s capabilities refer to:

  • The areas of skills available;
  • The types of measuring equipment used;
  • The services offered – calibration that can be conducted in a lab or on the client’s site, and that may optionally be accredited also, etc.

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Regardless of a service provider’s skills and accreditations, they must comply with the metrology industry’s standards. The calibration service provider must therefore have a certain number of certifications in the field of metrology, and these may be compulsory or recommended. These standards generally guarantee that the services provided are safe and of a certain quality.

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