LTH Electronics RPL
Radar Level Transmitters

LTH Electronics RPL

The RPL series of Radar level transmitters are suitable for continuous non contact level measurement applications for solids, liquid, pulps and slurries.

The RPL transmitters are available with either a threaded or DIN flanged process connection and either a Rod or Horn antenna depending on the measurement range required. There are 4 different models available to cover measurement ranges up to 70 Metres with maximum operating temperatures up to 180 C and pressures up to 40 Bar.
The radar pulses emitted by the antenna are reflected back by the product service to the antenna with the time gap between the emission and return of the pulse named as the “fly time.” The “fly time is proportional to the product surface distance. Through the matrix display it is possible to input all the necessary data for the level measurement and to display and recognize false echo signals.