Aquacal 2000
Pure Water Conductivity and Resistivity Portable Kit

Aquacal 2000

The AquaCal 2000 hand held system has been developed to provide a method of measuring the conductivity or resistivity of pure water to traceable standards making it suitable to validate pure water treatment plants.

Currently it is only possible to calibrate instrumentation on site by using precision resistors, however it is impossible to check the complete measurement system including the cell. The AquaCal 2000 overcomes this problem by providing a portable calibrated system that can be used to check on-line instrumentation by comparison.

The system consists of a precision conductivity cell with a certified cell constant to ASTM D1125-95 and BS60746 and a microprocessor instrument that has been calibrated against 0.1% resistors traceable to National Standards. The AquaCal 2000 instrument has the facility to enter the actual calibrated cell constant value, minimising any errors introduced by the cell. The AquaCal 2000 measures both nontemperature compensated and temperature compensated conductivity or resistivity to meet the current USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) requirements.